Donal Brynn Brooke

Donal, aka, Donnybrooke, is a leprechaun banished from the Fey Court for a series of...indiscretions..


Donal is leprechaun who is suffering from a long banishment from the Fey Court. Most of his innate powers have faded away. He is left with the ability to turn invisible and to access a few items from his trove. His stats are unremarkable save for a high charisma (15). He prefers to attack from invisibility when forced to do so. He is currently assisting the PCs in exchange for their future assistance in helping him return to the Feywild.


Donal is an exile from the Feywild due to repeated dalliances with Lady Titania. He was recently freed from a faerie ring by a group of adventurers and is working off that debt, hoping to return home soon. Donal has a few tricks (he calls them lucky charms) up his sleeves: a bronze coin that can turn into a Tenser’s Floating Disk, a pipe that transforms into a club, and a small buckler than can change into a cuff link. Donal is affable, and loves food and drink. He is upset that the people of Treverok seem to have forgotten the ways of the Fey.

Donal Brynn Brooke

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