Session 3

Usually, I keep meticulous game notes and let you guys know accordingly. However, last Saturday, I was under the influence of every known over-the-counter sinus med, four blue moutain dews, and one Killians. What follows is the most sense I can make of my notes. Just not by my notes, just my game…

The game started. We converted characters.



Alann climbed in some trees and the party followed a thick peaty smoke into a hastily thrown-together pallisade. They found the remains of some cables and a giant patch of canvas in some trees, along with some drag marks leading to a gypsy-style wagon within the fort. The players found a cache of equipment and a CAAAAAAAAARRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Another area of the fort contained a pyre with two bodies which were proving to be hard to burn.

Strawberry milkshake. Boat Nectar. Alann fired a harpoon into the captain’s face.

((What follows next is some sketches of crescent rolls and Devin wearing a giant garden gnome hat.))

Seriously, the players found a locked and warded wagon and were able to gain access to it. It proved to be somewhat larger on the inside that out, with provisions and space for about 12 people. A quick inventory revealed that the medallion witnessed in session 2 was among the possession found by the rangers of this camp, who had apparently been killed and eating by a swarm of rats. The session ended as Devin opened the arcane book confiscated by the rangers, only to seeming vanish in an explosion of light and foce!



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