Session 1

In the quiet town of Breekforge, the stoic farmers and salt-of-the-earth folks are beginning to get a little concerned. You see, winter is coming, and every coal shed within riding distance is sitting empty. Sheep have to be clipped and trimmed, and tools are either broken or dulled to a muddled edge. Tavern talk at Ochullan’s focuses on the total absence of dwarves for the last little while. Dwarves in these parts make their coin by mining coal and metals from an area to the north called The Nave. People last saw dwarf-folks headed north, with no word or traffic south. Alann Dain, a farmer turned warrior or warrior turned farmer, depending on who you ask, has done all he can do without fresh tools and supplies. In fact, even his side job of guarding caravans under the protection of the halfing twins Fracas and Ruckus has not born fruit because there is nothing to carry. With a purse much lighter than it should be, Alann decided to head into town to see what is afoot.

Breekforge is a small town, with one dry goods store, one inn and tavern, and a combined smithery/tannery shop. Its resident spellcaster, healer, and man of the cloth is Brother Devin of Lugh, a friendly gnome who apprenticed with Ochullan until the monk felt that Lugh called him to business. Over several pots of mead, Ochullan did confide in Devin that running the church was horribly boring for him so he built on the tavern that his grandfather started and gives his profits to the church. Devin then is altar boy, high priest, and the de facto head of the church in Breekforge. Devin is fond of the people of the town and they dont even consider him a gnome so much as a short man. As our story begins, Devin has not received any of the supplies needed for an upcoming festival of Lugh. He has decided to travel to Ochullan’s for some advice when he runs into Alann. A casual conversation reveals that they are suffering from the same problem.

Ochullan’s is busy, as usual, when the party arrives. Fracas and Ruckus are there, eating, as usual. Both confide that their security business has all but dried up when there is a disturbance outside. The tavern empties to see a human slumped over a horse, both slashed and bitten. Alann manages to secure the horse and Devin attempts to tend to the man’s wounds, but Ochullan determines that he is too far gone. The heroes bring the wounded man inside as his horse is mercifully put down. Fracas and Ruckus agree to dig a hole for the body while Ochullan prepares it for burial.

Alann and Devin decide to track the rider’s course, having the foresight to have the shirrif secure the town’s gates. Well, Shirrif Trysome ((because he really doesnt mind if he does, just ask anyone)) is out of town and his over-zealous deputy Piccolo finally agrees to lock the town down. A brief tracking session leads the heroes deep into the local woods, where the sounds of wolves become more and more ominous. As a pack of giant wolves crashes through the underbrush, Devin and Alann make a run for a ring of stones, using their skills to outwit their pursuers. Entering the stones presented a problem of its own…

The ring of stones turned out to be a fairy ring built to imprison a leprechaun who angered the king of the faeries by repeatedly showing the queen of the faeries his lucky charms. After some cooking by Alann and some wheeling and dealing, the leprechaun agreed to help the part with their mission if they helped him with his task of finding out why the faerie world has been silenced for so long. The leprechaun introduced himself as Donal Brynn Brooke, and used a magic coin from his stash to escape the wolf pack.

As session 1 closed, the following questions remain:

1. What has happened to the dwarves? 2. Where did these wolves come from, and where are they going? 3. What is the connection between the plaque of a thousand years ago and the silencing of the Feywild? 4. What is the nature of the “other wolf” that Donnybrook warned the party about?

Key NPCs:

Fracas and Ruckus: twin “Tolkien” halflings who are known to be hellacious fighters. They run a profitable business arranging security for caravans when goods and services are flowing. These two serve as contacts for Alann.

Ochullan: A broad older man who is a retired monk of Lugh who runs the tavern in Breekforge. He is known for his ales and beers and the ability to cook mutton for two weeks without copying recipes. He has some issues with his left arm and calls it a war-wound when asked about it. His grandfather built the original inn and was the man who brought Ole Flirty Finn to town. The older folk swear that Ochullan has a holy weapon hidden somewhere in town. Ochullan serves as a contact for Devin.

Ole Flirty Finn: A morbidly obese salmon who swims in the ornamental moat around Ochullan’s. Even though he’s a fish, the townspeople swear that he winks at the ladies and will nip them on the backside if they get close enough. The boys of the town spread the rumor that if you tip Finn a sweet treat, he will bring you luck with your sweetheart. For this, the girls call him Ole Fat Finn.

Piccolo: The town’s halfling deputy. Prone to over-reacting. Is issued one rock from the shirrif’s office.

Donal Brynn Brooke: a leprechaun rescued by the heroes. Donal is a ruddy-faced leprechaun with a bright red beard. He carries an elegant pipe and has a small shield with the heraldry of a rainbow and a cauldron ((Donny swears it’s a cauldron rampant, but you are not sure how a cauldron could be rampant…...))



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